The Evolution of Psychedelics In Addiction Treatment

Welcome to the Next Chapter in Addiction Treatment

For thousands of years, psychedelics have been a part of cultural practices around the world. In 2022, the controlled use of psychedelic substances is rapidly emerging as a breakthrough therapeutic practice to treat numerous mental health, behavioral health, and addiction-related conditions. 

The Symposia on Addictive Disorders has partnered with Psych Congress Network and the Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Learning Network to create a comprehensive resource guide on everything you need to know to navigate the fast-moving landscape of psychedelic medicine in addiction treatment and continue to improve patient outcomes with novel therapies. Download our eBook, “The Evolution of Psychedelics in Addiction Treatment” today.

What's inside?

  • History of Psychedelics
  • Psychedelics Defined 
  • Types of Psychedelics 
  • How Psychedelics Work 
  • Benefits & Challenges of Psychedelic Use 
  • Uses & Implementation of Psychedelic Medicine 
  • Future of Psychedelics in Addiction Treatment

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